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Jimi Priceless – VIS Major

Jimi Priceless has been relentless in releasing new music in 2020, he keeps the ball rolling with a new project titled “Vis Major”. Putting a pause on the auto-tune and melodic production, Jimi goes back to basics and delivers raw raps over just as raw sounding beats.

Album Artowrk

Forgoing any song structure, Jimi sticks to rapping venomous verses. The production is also different from any of his other releases, as he went with chopping up samples from songs from different genres as the foundation for the beats he raps over.

Album Tracklist

For all his fans that enjoy the rap side of his music, and for any fans of rap in general, this is a must listen. The project will be released Friday the 20th of November for free download and streaming on select platforms only.

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Arsenic Beats – beats and Pieces Volume 2

Beats and Pieces is the second release in a series of short beat tapes that will focus on various experimental beats and ideas that I am continually creating.
From time to time I will release a new Beats and Pieces volume for your listening pleasure

Arsenic Beats

The album is available exclusively on Bandcamp for the first month of its release, after which, it will be available on all streaming sites and online stores. On the Bandcamp platform, 85% of all earnings go directly to the artists, which is why we urge you to start using Bandcamp as one of your primary sources for Arsenic Beats’ music in future. 

Purchase Beats and Pieces Volume 2 here:

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Stories by Kah-Dee

Stories, written and composed by Ricardo Herdien, also known as Kah-Dee is a 5 track album covering stories that rings in the soul of our communities of color and sung in Afrikaans. He features rappers, Holy Gokez and Plofstof on “Abba Vade Land” and singer, Nithaam Solomon on “Bedien”. Some of these stories were written up to 12 years ago and with the help of producer, Paul Telegram, from PST Productions, they were all recorded within a week.

Scripted videos for the project are still being planned and is definitely something that we are looking forward too.

Track List
Storie 1: Meisie (Cape Flats Romance)
Storie 2: Onbeweeglik (Emotion Depicting The Force Removal)
Stories 3: Pitkop (The unraveling of colonization and the indigenous people of the Southern Africa)
Storie 4: Bedien (The dynamics of two major religions; Islam and Christianity, serving the same community and how their heart for people makes them family)
Storie 5: Abba Vade Land (A prayer describing in details to the higher power, the daily violence our communities face)

For now, the album is now available on hardcopy directly from Kah-Dee for the very low price of R100 and will very soon be available on all major music streaming platforms.

To order your copy contact Kah-Dee on 078 408 5651

Island Roc Vocal Recording Special

Island Roc Music is an independent record label based in Cape Town. They do vocal recording, mixing & mastering, music production and music videos at affordable rates. With Garth Permall aka Loon Hefner at the helm, they’ve worked on some massive hits to come out of Cape Town. Recently they worked with artists like Kro-Barz, Wayne McKay and Young Goofy. Here is your chance to get your songs recorded by one of the best in the business.

Island Roc Music currently has a special running. Vocal recording sessions for only R350. Yes, you read that right. Sooooooo, what exactly is it you’re waiting for?

Dala what you must, you know that you’ll be spending a lot more on booze over the weekend. Make the right decision for your career right now.

Bookings: | 0721466981 (Garth)

Instagram: @Loon_Hefner | Twitter: @LoonDaChef
Facebook: Garth Permall | Facebook: Island Roc
SoundCloud: Loon Hefner


It’s no secret that the entertainment and creative industry has taken the biggest blow by the Covid-19 pandemic and national lockdown, but independent music artists and creatives across the Western Cape have united in order to spread hope to our communities, country and the rest of the world on a fresh, new musical track written and composed by South African music artist Saalim Ismail.

It has been a while since South Africa has produced a potentially iconic song like African Dream” by Vicky Sampson and World in Union” by PJ Powers. Now in the year 2020, an opportunity has presented itself for a new “We Are The World”, and it’s called “We Are Survivors (Singabasindileyo)”. The anthem speaks of hope and standing together through these trying times to uplift the spirit of people.

The track features unsigned artists like; Saalim Ismail, Vicky Sampson, Jéan Citto, Andréas Tabumuntu, Xola Toto, Zoe Zana, Celest Florence, Julian Hurley, Cheswyn Ray, Miché Beneke, Ameer Hendricks and Micaela Kleinsmith.

The music video is due for release on YouTube tomorrow, 30th September 2020 and features some well-known influencers like Siv Ngesi and Jenny Morris.

It’s ideal that the single, celebrating South African talent, is being released as Heritage Month draws to a close. The group of diverse voices hails from different regions in the Western Cape.

“These artists voluntarily came on board when the opportunity was presented to them to unite and to send a message of hope and positivity amid the devastating impact of the pandemic. Being artists and having all our events cancelled, some booked right up until December, did not stop the group from being a beacon of hope, as communities had to grapple with the negative effects of the lockdown. It also speaks to the fact that we can rise above our challenges, if we stand together,” says Ismail.

He adds: “We want to spread the message of hope through the universal language of music, transcending all barriers. We salute all our unsung heroes, who resiliently work on the front line.”

We Are Survivors (Singabasindileyo) Trailer

As the lyrics say: Do not lose hope, do not lose faith, if we stand together, we can be triumphant as survivors.

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Late Nights, Early Graves

The latest offering from Cape Town’s unique RnB singer/songwriter and producer, YesPlsNdThnkYou, is a project more than 3 years in the making. Building on his previous body of work, which comprises multiple singles and no less than four EPs, this is YPNTY’s first full length studio album.

Album cover.

The aptly named “Late Nights. Early Graves.” is a journey through the spectrum of overindulging in that which is pleasurable. This begins with him basking in the bravado of being at the top of his game and feeling bulletproof with the aid of sex and substances; but ultimately culminates in him drowning in the aftermath of it all.

This album is dark and daring, but it is also meant to serve as an exercise in self- reflection for anyone who can relate to having too much of a good time and then living with the consequences.

Album tracklist.

Late Nights, Early Graves officially drops tomorrow on ALL major streaming platforms. Click HERE to pre-save and you won’t even need us to remind you again.

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Mobile: +27661418092


Emile YX? & Heal The Hood Project has decided to sell books to buy bricks and build South Africa’s first Heal The Hood Hip Hop House.

Their first step is to sell 200 books by pre-order to raise the initial capital to upload the book to all platforms (like Amazon, Bookbaby, etc) for online sales. They have already pre-sold 43 books (157 to go) for the first step. They have estimated that they’ll have to sell 20 000 books to make the money to buy the property and build the 1st ever Hip Hop House in South Africa, while also expanding the work they do nationally. 

You can Pre-Order or donate by clicking here. You can also pay via PayPal to: then email Emile YX? your mailing address to send your signed copy of the book to.

In this book, Emile shares his 38 years of practising the elements of Hip Hop Culture & Artistic Activism (Artivism), while also sharing his view that the Origins of Hip Hop Culture is African and thus popular globally, as we all come from Africa. Emile saw this time as being important to share this information, as it would add to the growing need for mental equality of African people in the global psyche of all people. Emile sees this as the only way to really give value and equality to black lives. Black lives are African lives and thus the world needs to know more about Africa, in order to attain a mental state of equality and humanity. 


CONCEPT“Reconnect the String” is born out of the Bushman thinking that we have broken the connection to our past, present and thus future. We are also separated from ourselves, our spirit and nature. Decolonization or rehumanization of information demands that we reach back into the real heritage of a culture that is deeply rooted in Africa & thus all Human (Africa The Cradle of Humanity) forms of expression. 

VIDEOS – This is also about first person stories and telling our own heritage. Our stories need to be retold by us and this is what I have started in Cape Town. I am reaching out to encourage others to do the same globally by connecting with them and asking them to collect their own stories to rewrite their own histories. Reconnect The String is also about the real friendships and family that Hip Hop has globally, outside of industry. I have thus far recorded 4 interviews and edited and uploaded 1. Here is the link to the first interview and edit.  

BOOK –  explains various lessons that I learned in the last 38 years of being involved in Hip Hop Culture as one of the Pioneers of South African Hip Hop, Founding member of Black Noise Hip Hop Group & Heal The Hood Project, a practitioner of the elements of B-boying, MCing, Aerosol Art, event organiser, Author, Award winning Playwright, Entrepreneur, Shop Owner, Judge on TV dance show “Step Up Or Step Out”, LeadSA Winner, ETV South African Hero, Mandela Monday Award Winner, Ubuntu Life-time achievement award Winner, South African Hip Hop Awards Honorary Award and many more. 
See the design of the Hip Hop House at 0:44 seconds in the video link above. 


Chapter 1: The Illusion of Nothingness – Hip Hop has a deep heritage of the people that manifested it in the South Bronx. A heritage that goes back to the first people of all people in Africa. 
Chapter 2: Speaks on greeting and recognizing the humanity in others and thus our equality. 
Chapter 3:- Is about the Ancient Circle and its current manifestation and power in Hip Hop. 
Chapter 4: Is about the handclaps & cyclic chants around the circle that gave birth to the rhythmic trance and loop and DJ. 
Chapter 5: The Trance Dancer or B-boy is the healing that is obtained from letting go in the circle and letting the feeling or rhythm take charge of your body. 
Chapter 6: Tells of the Storyteller that manifests the words and makes real the lessons sent in the circle. This became the MC. 
Chapter 7: Speaks about the Rock Artist who depicted the session of trance dance and journey from this realm to another onto and into the rock. This is the modern day aerosol artist or writer. 
Chapter 8: The Battle plays a central role in Hip Hop Culture, but the real battle is against one self to become the best that we are able to become. The opponent is just a guide to challenge what’s inside and not outside.  
Chapter 9: Their shiny offerings are about the power of capitalistic distraction from the true healing that Hip Hop brings. It has been the means to divide and conquer the creators since the arrival of colonial powers to distant lands.  
Chapter 10: Breaks down the power of the traditional village and its role in raising the child. The community in Hip Hop is that village and has helped with security, mentorship, etc. 
Chapter 11: Is Knowledge Of Self, that is the infinite search for self and purpose in the world, through alternative information and openness to always be a student. 
Chapter 12: The Elder or in Hip Hop the OG serves as a holder of experience that can be passed on to selected youth. This is an African and first nation tradition, where knowledge and more importantly experience is passed down for free, unlike in western education. 
Chapter 13: The Cycle is the passing on of your energy from generation to generation and thus keeping yourself alive through others that pass on the lessons making the “I” less important to the “we”, yet holding the respect and accountability to share and grow as a collective within the world and nature. 
Chapter 14: Is the creativity that we are and how it holds our solutions and power to create a new reality for ourselves. It is also ironically taken out of the school systems and made to seem of lesser value, when all wealth is the usages of others creations for the wealth of the few. 
Chapter 15: the “Mathematics of Survival and then Thriving”,  that I used over the last 27 years to pay bills, buy a house and car, etc. Also how to diversify your creative incomes streams, making creativity and cash flow have endless potential, but also to PUT BACK INTO YOUR COMMUNITY. 
Chapter 16:  Is our plan to grow together and become the change that we wish to see as a Hip Hop/ Artist/ community. It is a call out to those who have experience, knowledge and wealth to share with those who have not yet found their way, to bring about new thinking and empowered people.

If you have any questions about the project or wish to order more books for your schools, universities and colleges, please feel free to contact me. All my information is below.

Cell in RSA         + 27 81 486 5635
Mobile in USA       + 1    510 3592755   
Whatsapp           + 27 81 486 5635
Emile Office           + 27 21 706 0481 
Emile email  
Skype                     emileyx

Vannie Kaap

With his debut full length album, “Late Nights. Early Graves.” only a month away, Cape Town RnB artist YesPlsNdThnkYou has just surprised us all with a brand new single. Straight off the album which drops in September 2020, the new single entitled “Vannie Kaap” is nothing short of a Kaapstad summer anthem.

Featuring the legendary emcee, Linkris The Genius, who’s presence has been sorely missed since his recent hiatus, this track embodies the positive spirit that endures throughout their city. Produced by Garth Soul, who has worked with YPNTY on a couple of projects already, he has once again
constructed a sonic gem that speaks to both the streets and the clubs.

Check out “Vannie Kaap” here and stay tuned for more details on the upcoming album.

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Black Noise Matters

To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Black Noise, the group has embarked on a creative journey to release a series of new works in the form of 10 track EP’s over the next 2 years. The first EP of the series is called ‘Black Noise Matters‘ and it features the lead single ‘Be The Change’. The song calls for taking accountability for our actions and to be the change we wish to see in the world. The subject matter is especially relevant in these times where we’re faced with so many urgent social issues in South Africa and the world at large; like climate change, water shortages, etc.

‘Black Noise Matters’ is the 13th release from Black Noise and the following works will be EP’s number 14 and 15 respectively. Black Noise will also be doing an EP tour in and around Cape Town during March/April 2020 to raise awareness about issues that Cape Flats communities face daily.

The new Black Noise EP ‘Black Noise Matters’ is available on all digital platforms like iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, Apple Music, Google Music, etc.

‘Black Is Back’ is one of our favorite songs on the album. Check out the video here.

You can also go to the landing page for the Black Noise Matters and choose the streaming service you prefer from there.