Jimi Priceless – VIS Major

Jimi Priceless has been relentless in releasing new music in 2020, he keeps the ball rolling with a new project titled “Vis Major”. Putting a pause on the auto-tune and melodic production, Jimi goes back to basics and delivers raw raps over just as raw sounding beats.

Album Artowrk

Forgoing any song structure, Jimi sticks to rapping venomous verses. The production is also different from any of his other releases, as he went with chopping up samples from songs from different genres as the foundation for the beats he raps over.

Album Tracklist

For all his fans that enjoy the rap side of his music, and for any fans of rap in general, this is a must listen. The project will be released Friday the 20th of November for free download and streaming on select platforms only.

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Just imagine love like

Just imagine love like…​
Fresh flowers on the first day of spring, watching them bloom and knowing that they do it all in praise of you. Each one better than the next, hoping you’d grab them by the stem and bring them closer to your chest.

Just imagine love like…​
Poetry so deep you get immersed in every verse and then remember that you inspired every word’s birth.
Every space, comma, exclamation mark is drawn in awe of you.

Just imagine love like…
A warm summer breeze touching your skin with that sweet, gentle caress that only air gives. A fresh breath of life flowing over every part of you, around you and inside you. Touching the very heart of you.

Just imagine love like…​
The birth of a new dawn, after the cold, dark night when everything gets reborn. Out of the silent blackness grows beauty beyond what’s told, the kind that only the purest of eyes can behold.

Just imagine love like…​
Her everlasting, never-dreary, riveting, intense, cant-keep-silent about personality. Making you want to get on top of Lion’s Head and shout out loud and in that moment all is still and all is real and though she’s in the kitchen making coffee your words are carried by that dawn breeze and she can feel your gentle whisper on the back of her neck.

Just imagine love like…​
Art in its purest form. Every brush stroke and melody, every dance move that’s born. Every second arabesque and all the demi plie’s, that leaves us on our tippie toes with arms outstretched and raised.

Arsenic Beats – beats and Pieces Volume 2

Beats and Pieces is the second release in a series of short beat tapes that will focus on various experimental beats and ideas that I am continually creating.
From time to time I will release a new Beats and Pieces volume for your listening pleasure

Arsenic Beats

The album is available exclusively on Bandcamp for the first month of its release, after which, it will be available on all streaming sites and online stores. On the Bandcamp platform, 85% of all earnings go directly to the artists, which is why we urge you to start using Bandcamp as one of your primary sources for Arsenic Beats’ music in future. 

Purchase Beats and Pieces Volume 2 here:

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