My pen a stylist, now watch me dress this beat up
Give you a track so hot, even in hell it would turn the heat up
Make blood sweat from your crown
Crucify you, pass your coffin around
Your crew getting your hand me downs
Compared to you, yeah I’m realer
Holder of the sixth seal, but I prefer, lyrical serial killer
A hunter in the misty forest
An atomic missile and you on my bomb list
Jedi mind tricks not needed, you’re that weak
T Obi N, master of the pen, these are the skills you seek
Already salivating, begin the masticating
A hooded cloak, a black hand with a ring, don’t keep the master waiting
Feed this monster hold back the hounds
Now look at the truth you found
That when your heart pounds
And your bones make that crackling sounds
You see me standing over you
Chainsaw in one hand, bible in the other
A demon with angel wings bludgeoning his brother

by Timsus

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