At War

There’s a blade in my hand, telling me there’s no hope
How can you cope, when you drowning in a well and the bucket got a cut rope
Look, life is cut-throat
Spring born, hoping for a halo but all I got are these horns
A trip to the future, a father cries, and a mother mourns
Its hard to bury a son
even harder to bury those dreams, when you realize he wasn’t the one
he decided he wasn’t gonna make it
You never knew, but it was harder for him to take it
Wake up man, this dust and the sand you can shake it
Who knew that a will to survive, you could break it
A tear-stained letter saying don’t cry for me
Play my favourite song, then tell this lie for me
Tell them I was hopeful and had so many dreams
When the truth is, in the end, all I had was screams
So is there a heaven, if there is then I’m going to hell
These are my words, that I cant read, tried to write, and hope you tell

by Timsus

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