Love Is

Love is…
The reason behind every empty smile
Behind every empty meaning in
your life.

Love is
Those tears you cry
and the hurt you
feel everyday knowing
that you can’t be with
someone because
they’re a thousand
miles away and
they don’t know
that your heart
is bleeding for

Love is….
Those long sleepless
nights and the thoughts
of the one person that
means the world to you
yet they don’t realize it

Love is…
Those feelings
for someone
so close to you
that you keep bottled up
and your’e scared to show
them because you put
the person closest to your
heart first
and no matter how much
those feelings kills you
you keep holding on to

Love is…
Those sacrifices
you willing to
make although
they seem
 you are still
willing to make
them because
that’s what’s
in your

Love is…
The fight
you have
with them
and with yourself
that you cant win
and no matter
how much you
or how much
it hurts
it’s a fight
your’e not
willing to give
up on or let go.

by Shuaib Gamildien

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