Don’t Honour Me

Don’t you honour me,
don’t you dare honour me.
Don’t you go and grant me anything I never earned.
See, I thought we’d be happy, that we’d be great.
Like when I saw you for the first time,
I thought my heart would escape.

I smiled with tears flowing, not knowing what to do next.
All I knew was that you signaled I’d been abundantly blessed.
I didn’t know how to react, I wasn’t ready for this.

No excuses, but you were the only good to came my way
If I could do it all again, I’d play my hand a different way.
I’d do it right within a heartbeat just so I could hear you say
those little words I knew you felt when you looked up to me, I pray
that in your heart you can forgive the man that I went and became.

Don’t honour me.
I was supposed to be your rock.
The foundation you were built upon, but
here you are standing tall.
You created your own solid ground.
You fell down and got up more times than I kept track of.
Inner strength and self will is something that you never lacked of.

No thanks to me though.
I cannot even claim that.

I cannot dare point at you and say I had a part in who you are.

You’ve healed what I’ve damaged.
You held up what I let down.
You broke the chain that you were bound in.
You became you despite of me being me.

by BK TheRealist

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