TwentyOne Q’s with Just Acoustic

Who is Just Acoustic?
Just Acoustic is a band combined of passionate musicians, Nizaam Williams and Jason Cupido who are trying to bring a unique style to modern genres.

What or who got you into music?
Both of us played a variety of instruments from a young age, inspired by family musicians.

How do we choose which music to play?
We just jam and choose what we enjoy the most and what we would like to play.

For those of us that don’t know ,please explain the Cajon.
The Cajon is Peruvian hand drum that is not as harsh as a drum kit but provides a unique sound.

What is the best part of your job?
Being able to entertain a crowd that appreciate our music. Being performers is one of the best jobs, because you are doing what you love.

What would you like to achieve in the next 3 years?
We both have our individual goals but as a group we would like to grow and add members that could add value.
We would also like to be performing more often and have a bigger following, not only local and international.

Tell us about your debut single that you played at RAW.
The song was written by the Williams Brothers (Nizaam & Tashreeq) and produced by International producer Ameen Harron.
This was the first time Nizaam Williams performed an original live song, he was accompanied by Jason Cupido (Percussion) and Lloyd Stuurman (Keyboard).

In your opinion, how can artists use music to influence positive change with the community?
They can do it in the lyrics of their songs and the example they set to their local fans in the community.

If you could change one thing in Cape Town, what would it be?
We would try and get everyone in the music industry to support each other so that Cape Town will be internationally musically known.

Do you think that it is easy for new artists to get their things on the radio?
It’s not easy for all new artists to record radio quality produced music, as these come at a cost.

What is your least favorite thing about the music scene lately?
There’s not enough platforms for new artists to showcase their talent and that is part of the reason we think Cape Town hasn’t been put on the map yet.

When you’re not working on music, what keeps you busy?
Nizaam works as a personal trainer and when not doing music, he enjoys hiking, playing soccer and training in the gym.
Jason is studying Bcom Marketing and when not doing music, he enjoys training in the gym and being a socialite.

Explain your writing process. What comes first, the music or lyrics?
It’s honestly a mixture of both, we vibe to whatever feels right. Sometimes we find chord progressions or melodies and then add lyrics that we feel are fitting.

If you could work with any artist/producer, who would it be?
There’s definitely a few we would like to work with, but someone that we can both agree on who stands out is Bruno Mars.
We really enjoy the vibe he gives off and he is unique in his style.

What was your highlight for 2017?
The highlight of our year was performing at The Great Wizoo, this was one of our first performances together as Just Acoustic. The feedback and performance was amazing.

What was the biggest lesson you’ve learnt since you started singing?
Vocal training is important and really does make a difference. Warming up your voice and doing regular vocal exercises helps you learn about your voice and how to control it.

How do you guys balance work, families and the band?
Planning our practice sessions around work makes it easier for us to balance everything out. Our families are very much involved when it comes to our music so they don’t mind when we practice at home.

How do you prepare for our performance?
We jam through a song selection and arrange them to our style. We then put the songs into different sets and practice the sets.

What can we expect from Just Acoustic in 2018?
More original material, better quality marketing material and more performances. Our goal is to build our band and provide a platform for other artist to showcase their talent.

What is the most embarrassing moment?
Not to jinx it but we haven’t had any embarrassing moments and we hope that we can keep it like that, but sometimes these things happen and as artists we try to make the best out of these moments.

What advice would you give to new artists that are hoping to make it out there?
Do it because you’re passionate about it. No matter how much knowledge you have you can always learn something new. Don’t try and be someone you’re not.


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Nizaam Williams: 074 672 9111
Jason Cupido: 083 984 1588
Instagram: @justacousticsa
Facebook: @JustAcousticSA

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