Vizzo; Living In Colour

Who is Vizzo?
To start it off, thanks for having me, it’s an honour to be live on CA. My birth given name is Vaughan. I’m born in Cape Town, raised in a place called Dennemere, Blackheath. I’m 22 years young, an aspiring entrepreneur and artist.

Where does the name come from?
The name’s a classic cliché given by my friends back in high school. We were sitting in line at assembly and started thinking out rap names for each other. My rap name at the time (2011) was “Young Kizzo” and for some reason which I never really liked but still went with it because what is a rapper without a rapper name you know. I just could never find something that would stick and that didn’t sit well with my friends so they changed it because my birth name starts with a V and not a K. I actually wanted to go with Vaughan because it just feels real and I think I might still make that change though.

What got you into hip-hop?
On the real, I never had a passion for anything else as much as I do for music as a whole. There’s just something about the whole process that gets to me that makes me feel good no matter what the mood of the song is. From choosing the beat to writing, recording and hearing that final product. Not everyone can jump in their car and play exactly what they want to hear especially when they have a certain mood. Hip hop is just one of the genres I’m great at. My mom’s youngest brother introduced me to Soul, RnB and Hip-Hop, but what really got me tuned into Hip-Hop was the old school Hip-Hop, timeless Hip-Hop.

Explain your rap style.
My style I would say is very versatile. I could be rapping one minute and trying to sing the next. I would say that if I had that voice that some of these singers have that I work or have worked with I’d probably be doing RnB and just ghost writing for Hip-Hop artists. So my style has a little bit of a mix whether its soul, RnB mixed with old/new school rap.

Besides rap, what else do you do?
Besides rapping I’m working with a young designer trying to get our clothing out as well as running a couple businesses on the side. Working a 9-5 until one of these grinds take off. I also co-direct my own music videos.

Tell us what you do to prepare for a performance.
It’s as simple as practicing before shows and listening to myself before any performance.

Do you have a favourite event to perform at?
The most recent performance I did which was Young Soldier‘s birthday bash. Shout out to him. I think that my favourite event will always be changing as I go on from event to event I tend to enjoy them all because no matter the crowd or venue the energy you give is the energy you receive. So I’m humbled by every performance.

What does in average day in the life of Vizzo look like?
Basically it starts off with work, the 9-5 if I do happen to catch any sleep I take it. From work I hit the kitchen then hustle my other businesses and then I hit the studio at night depending on scheduling. So most nights I end up not sleeping because I’m either writing music or recording. The night time is the best time to record for me.

Where do you see yourself in 3 years?
On top of the charts, built brand as well as successful business man. It sounds like a lot but that’s what living in colour represents.

Who is your inspiration/Role Model?
My parents, my family because as much as this is my passion it’s also something that will eventually retire my parents from working to living in colour.

Your views around the Cape Town hip-hop scene?
I think that Cape Town has amazing artists who are not given the chance to actually showcase their talent on a bigger scale. The music scene is building and slowly gaining momentum.

What is your dream project?
Right now I’m working on my dream project. As soon as it’s done I’ll be able to elaborate on it.

PlayStation or Xbox and what is your favourite game?
Both, whichever one I can get my hands on first. GTA IV is my favourite game hands down.

If you could kill or bring back to life any one person, who would it be?
I’d leave everything as is I would not change a thing.

What word do you use the most? 

What is your least favourite thing about the music scene lately?
The fact that you cannot trust anyone.

Professionally, what is your goal?
My goal is to make great music, provide for my family and feed the world with positivity and love.

What can we expect from Vizzo in 2017?
A lot of music and videos. I’ll also be making a lot of business moves that is not only a benefit for myself but to for whoever takes that leap with me.

What music are you listening to right now?
I’m listening to a lot of beats and less music. I’m constantly creating and working on my own music that I really don’t want to get distracted by something else unless it’s important to me.

Do you have a favourite movie/series?
I watch a lot of personal development videos and I read books.

Any advice for a young rapper?
You can do anything you put your mind to. If you don’t believe in yourself no one else can believe in you.

Facebook: Vizzo | YouTube: Vizzo

Instagram: @Vizzo_CGR

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